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Work-Bench Workshops

Our Work-Bench Workshops are a monthly series where we feature leaders from the top New York City enterprise companies to come in and share the battle-tested lessons learned from growing and scaling their companies - with a focus around lessons for enterprise sales and marketing.


June 2015

Building a Demand Generation Machine
Meghan Gill, Director of Demand Gen & Community



June 2015

What No One Told You About Running a SaaS Business
Michael Pryor, CEO



April 2015

How to Customer Success the Heck out of Them
Jean Walters, Director of Customer Success



September 2014

Playing the Marketing Long Game
Cassie Lancellotti-Young, EVP Customer Success



June 2014

Marketing & Design for the Enterprise,
Dom Goodum & Jason Shen


Movable Ink

June 2014

Startup Sales
Vivek Sharma, CEO



April 2014

How to Market Your Startup to the Enterprise
Taylor Gould, VP of Marketing