We fund Enterprise Tech

Our Portfolio

Work-Bench Ventures co-invests with top-tier venture capital funds in extraordinary founders tackling enormous markets in enterprise technology. Our focus is on Series A and B investment opportunities. We invest alongside institutional leads, and we don’t take board seats or set terms.

We invest in select Work-Bench community member companies, as well as in early stage enterprise startups across the US. Investments aren’t required to move into Work-Bench, but any seeking an NYC presence get priority access into our workspace.

Productionize and Centralize Machine Learning

Human-centered AI for Industrial Operations

Error Debugging Platform for Native Applications

Next Generation Open Source Database

Linux for Massive Server Deployments

Cloud-based Business Phone and Communications Solutions

AI-Powered Compliance Platform

Delivering the news in your data

Data-Driven Legal Research and Analytics

Identity Verification Using Online & Social Data

Data unification platform leveraging automation and experts

IT Infrastructure Security & Compliance

Gamification of Organizational Training

Software Platform for Enterprise Smart Glasses

Protect the Data Defined Perimeter

Automated Predictive Analytics

Commercial real estate management platform

Personal assistant who schedules meetings for you

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