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Executive Briefings

Work-Bench is an enterprise-focused venture fund in New York City. We leverage our deep corporate network as a way to identify trends, pick winners, and secure customers for our portfolio companies.

Our Work-Bench Executive Briefings program connects CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, and Line-of-Business Executives with bleeding edge startups to help you identify potential vendors and innovation partners.

We host 15 Executive Briefings per quarter, bringing together our network of 500 senior corporate executives for an exclusive half-day face-to-face meeting with our pre-vetted startups from our portfolio and network. Our rigorous matchmaking process ensures our corporate partners meet with the most highly relevant, rising stars from the innovation community.

How Our Briefings Work

1. Our Work-Bench team consults with your IT team and business unit leaders to understand your technical and business challenges.

2. From a pool of our portfolio companies and well-referenced companies backed by top tier Silicon Valley investors, we select startups that solve these pain points and fit the unique dynamics of the industry and corporate environment.

3. Executive Briefings begin with a one-hour thought leadership session in which the Work-Bench team shares our view on the state of the industry related to the topic of the briefing. We bring unique analysis and perspectives based on our rigorous due diligence process investing in emerging technology companies and shared learnings from the forward-thinking Fortune 1000 IT executives in our network who regularly implement new technologies within their environments.

4. We facilitate face-to-face meetings with 5-7 startups at our collaborative workspace at Work-Bench, in the heart of New York City.

Contact: Kelley Mak, kelley@work-bench.com
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