Videos, Pictures & Highlights from The 2017 New York R Conference


With New York City’s rich history of data science across diverse industries, it is no surprise that our New York R Conference has grown into one of NYC's top data science conferences.

Every April, we welcome a sold-out crowd of over 300 people for 2 full days of leading talks from some of the best data scientists in the world, connecting diverse domains and industries from the world's leading startups to Fortune 1000s and academia. Check out all of the talks and slides, now live on the R Conference website.

Co-hosted with our friends at Lander Analytics and now in its 3rd consecutive year, our conference spanned 25 sessions, covering prominent themes like how to incorporate R into current workflows, the latest and greatest developments around the language, the best use-cases for analyses, and the insights gained from novel data sets.

The story arc of the conference led us through an introduction to data science with Dan Chen's presentation, "So You Want to be Data Scientist," all the way through the future of the industry with Deborah Berebichez's talk, “Things about the Future and the Future of Things," with some stellar presentations in between.

The inimitable Andrew Gelman gave a slideless presentation on thinking about statistics, David Robinson used text analysis to analyze what the R Community is talking about, and Jon Keane showed off a predictive early intervention system. To top it all off, Bryan Lewis visualized an 80,000+ edge network in under a second, Sandy Griffith described how her team published a journal article in just two days, and Ramnath Vaidyanathan built an R package from scratch in five minutes. And between all this somehow we managed to take a 300-person selfie too!

Not only we did we have amazing speakers, but we were proud to bring in some legendary NYC treats like pizza from Fiori’s and amazing ice cream sandwiches from Big Gay Ice Cream Shop:

Overall it was an incredible opportunity to meet the people who comprise the active R community, whether they are just starting out with R or old-school members. We have the full videos and presentations live from the conference on the the website - and a Facebook album here - so check out all the talks in their entirety. We’ll be posting more information on next year’s conference, so make sure to sign up on for a first pass at 2018 tickets.

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