Startup Recruiting Workbook: Sourcing and Interview Process

From 5 hires to 50 to 500, the nuts and bolts to build your startup’s recruiting processes

As an enterprise technology venture capital fund in New York City, we work with over 50 early stage go-to-market enterprise startups on two key areas: accelerating their Fortune 1000 customer acquisition and helping them build great teams.

Our philosophy at Work-Bench is singular when it comes to talent: teach our companies how to fish rather than fishing for them, best enabling them to scale from 5 to 50 to 500 people.

We advise our companies on a number of strategic and process-driven approaches to talent and recruiting from sourcing to closing candidates and everything in between.

What we have found time and again is that often, it is actually the tactical nuts and bolts that can be the biggest value-add for our ever-busy startup CEOs: answers to questions like how do I reject a candidate via email or where should I post job descriptions?

People often underestimate the power of these emails and effective communication, and how this all plays a part in candidate experience and ultimately your employer brand. If we can share some of our best practices and save time for CEOs, recruiters, or anyone tasked with recruiting, we will consider this workbook to be a success.

To that end, we’ve collated some of our best practices and templates we share most frequently with our companies around sourcing and interviewing, in hopes that we too can save you time. This workbook is based on best practices that we have seen working with many early stage startups here at Work-Bench with the caveat that this is not the end all be all. If you have feedback or successful processes that you’ve rolled out, we would love to hear from you! Drop me a line at

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