The New York R Conference - April 8 & 9


Gather To Explore, Share, and Inspire Ideas

Over the next two days, we're excited to be teaming up with Lander Analytics to bring you the second annual New York R Conference at Work-Bench. The sold out conference will gather 250+ of world's top R enthusiasts and data scientists to hear from prominent speakers within the community.

Featuring presentations and talks from leading data scientists at Airbnb, AT&T, Columbia University, eBay, Etsy, News Corp, RStudio, Socure, and Tamr among many others, the New York R Conference was created to encourage collaboration and foster shared learning within the data science community. While focused on R, a number of expert speakers will also speak on Python, Julia, and database architecture.

Speakers include J.J. Allaire (Founder, RStudio), Drew Conway (CEO, Alluvium), Andrew Gelman (Statistics Professor, Columbia University), Elena Grewal (Data Science Manager, Airbnb), Adi Haviv (Applied Research Manager, eBay), Josh Katz (Graphics Editor, The New York Times), Jared P. Lander (Author, R for Everyone), Hilary Parker (Senior Data Analyst, Etsy), Rachel Schutt (Chief Data Scientist, News Corp), and many more.

Topics include a statistical analysis of the current political environment, an assessment of the New York City transit system, improving data interoperability for Python and R, scalable prediction services, time-varying networks, the NCAA basketball tournament, data visualization, and the ethos of open source software.

See the full press release here, and follow @Work_Bench and the hashtag #rstatsnyc on Twitter for real-time conference updates.

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