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It’s been a whirlwind of new and exciting developments in the container world this past month. First and foremost, Docker acquired Tutum, a platform for deploying and managing containers in the cloud and on-premises. With this acquisition, Docker fills a big gap in their “build, ship, and run” app delivery pipeline for IT Teams, enabling an even better end-to-end solution on the deployment and management side while boosting team collaboration and efficiency. VMWare, not to be left out, is also addressing another critical hole in Docker, security. They’re working on preventing container escalation, and future versions of VMWare’s NSX should allow security admins to apply VM like filtering rules to containers and isolate the container from its physical host. On the startup side, Twistlock and Scalock (which recently raised funding) are also focused on hardening the container and enacting security policies. Lots more to come here, and we’ll be keeping a close eye for promising developments. Other companies that raised funding over the last month include CloudBolt,  Robin Systems and Bracket Computing. Lastly, be sure to check out Greg Taylor’s review of; a tutorial on how to set up Kontena on DigitalOcean; and how you can use the Folding@Home project to use idle capacity on your Docker hosts to help search for a cure for Cancer.

Top News This Month

Docker's Acquisition of Startup Tutum Moves the Container Leader Closer to Production Workflows
Forbes · "The acquisition of startup Tutum, which Docker announced Wednesday, moves Docker a step closer to that goal of reliability in both a development and production setting."

VMware NSX Tech May Close a Critical Hole in Docker Security
TechRepublic · "Docker's new network framework allows VMware NSX to extend the abstraction of the full layer-2 network to containers. VMware showed the capability of filtering network traffic in between containers."

Oracle Offers up New OpenStack Release as Docker Instances
SiliconANGLE · "The new release has been made available packaged entirely as Docker instances, which means customers won’t have to worry about installing each of the components individually…"

Amazon Upgrades Container Services to Keep up with Google, Docker
Infoworld · "A distributed registry, a CLI, and slicker scheduling have landed in Amazon's container system to help it keep up with the competition."

The Journey to - An Introspection and Review
Greg Taylor · Greg Taylor writes an excellent review of Quay, a service for hosted private docker repositories.

New Azure Container Service to Bring Together Mesos, Docker and Azure Cloud
ZDNet · "The service will allow developers to deploy and configure applications using open-source Mesos cluster-management services and Docker container-management technology"

Searching for a Cure for Cancer with Docker and Azure
Ross Gardler · "The Folding@Home project allows you to use idle capacity on Docker hosts to help search for a cure for Cancer (and other diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinson)."

Docker Tool Chest Continues to Grow
EnterpriseTech · "An update this week to its Docker Hub, the cloud service designed to automate developers’ workflows, includes a new application architecture and a new front-end technology stack."

AWS Launches Container Registry to Simplify Container Management
TechCrunch · "As containers grow in increasing popularity with developers, it makes sense that Amazon is trying to develop a full range of services to help meet those needs, and minimize the amount of extra work they have to do to create, manage and run their containers."



Israeli Container Security Startup Scalock Lands $4M Series A Investment
TechCrunch · "Israel has become known for its security startups, and Scalock, a company that wants to secure the burgeoning container space, announced a $4 million Series A round today."

Wall Street Bigwigs Chuck $45 million at Bracket Computing for Its Cloud Super-Container
SiliconAngle · "A year after raising $85 million from a group of high-profile venture capital firms and technology giants, Bracket Computing Inc. is adding an extra $45 million to its coffers following the completion of another investment led by an equally impressive roster of top banking institutions."

CloudBolt Receives an Additional $2 million in Funding from Investors in a Bid to Cater to Rising Demands from Customers
Business Cloud News · “In the past year, we have seen a marked increase in the number of enterprises that want the benefits of SDN and container technologies,” said Mittelhauser, “the latest version of CloudBolt should make it easier and cheaper for enterprises to reap the benefits of these technologies.”

Robin Systems Raises $15 million Series A led by a USAA subsidiary and DN Capital
The Register · "Robin Systems is pioneering the creation of the industry's first Data-Centric Compute and Software Containerization software to help enterprises accelerate, consolidate, and simplify their modern data applications."

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