Startup Cultures - An Inside Look at BetterWorks


For the second installment our Work-Bench "Inside Look" series, we sat down with Sarah Sheikh, Customer Success at BetterWorks. See what gets these Work-Bench startups out of bed in the morning, the technologies they are transforming, and what keeps their teams laughing.

What problem is your company solving?

BetterWorks is an enterprise software platform for easily setting and managing goals. Essentially, we help teams get aligned on top priorities, stay focused on the work that matters, and become more successful – no more digging through outdated spreadsheets or PowerPoint files just to see what everyone's working on. One of our core company values is about getting 1% better every day, and we love that we're helping our customers make improvements every day too. image

Who are your top customers?

High­-performing companies like GoPro,, Capco, PaperlessPost, and Fusion all use BetterWorks. You can see even more companies that love and use BetterWorks here.


Why enterprise tech (over other industries)?

Tech is accessible and limitless. Enterprise tech is strategically limitless. Although it’s sexy to be in the consumer space, it’s invigorating to be in the enterprise space.


You’ll​ love working with us if you…

Want to help other companies build their legacies.

How does that happen? According to Kris Duggan, our CEO and co-founder, a legacy is created by staying true to a company’s beliefs and building a team that’s committed to the vision and ready to sustain that legacy. We’re passionate about making that happen, both internally and at other companies.

What values are important to your team as the company grows?

Grit. Teamwork. Passion. Imagination.

Describe a typical Thursday morning.

Wait, is there such a thing as a typical Thursday morning?


How does your team have fun?

  • Smoothie happy hours
  • Real happy hours
  • Brooklyn Boulders & Brooklyn Crab
  • "Attempting" to run half marathons together

What do you like best about working for your company?

The people. The level of skill, drive, and humility everyone possesses is inspiring. Tech without ego is like Williamsburg without hipsters, but BetterWorks really pushes the limits of typical tech.


Tagline to inspire potential hires?

If your goal is to make a difference and love coming to work every day, this is the place for you.

Interested in working at BetterWorks? Check out these open roles:

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