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Welcome back from the summer! The big news in August was Microsoft's preview of Windows Server 2016, which is capable of running Windows Container and will soon be able to run Hyper-V Containers. Rather than exposing a native Windows API for containers, Microsoft chose to support a Docker-compatible API. These developments and their growing partnership with Docker also point to a new Microsoft, one that realizes it must work well and integrate with competing technologies (Linux), rather than building a Windows equivalent. As a comp, Verizon demo'd 50,000 Docker containers launching in 100 seconds on a Verizon cluster powered by Mesophere's DCOS at MesosCon in Seattle in August. In other news, Docker released v1.8, which aims to be the fastest way to get up and running with Docker in Development, and Google’s Container Engine is now out of Beta. We've lined up a bunch of great articles for you below, including 6 Next Gen Monitoring Tools for Docker, a tutorial on developing with Go, and where the current state of container adoption stands.

Top News This Month

Windows Server 2016 Preview 3 Brings Containers at Last
The Register · "The third technical preview of Windows Server 2016 is here, and with it, Microsoft takes another step forward into the much-hyped world of cloud native computing. Most importantly, this build gives us our first look at Windows Server Containers, which were conspicuously absent from the previous build that shipped in May."

How docker can transform your development teams
CIO · A look at the opportunity Docker presents for IT Teams, why it is better than VMs and challenges of running it in production

6 Next Gen Monitoring Tools Tackle Docker
Javaworld · "Here are six apps and services that span the gamut of what's going on in monitoring, from simple open source tooling to sophisticated monitoring that's part of a holistic, enterprise-spanning solution"

Google’s Container Engine For Running Docker Containers On Its Cloud Platform Is Now Generally Available
Techcrunch · "Google’s Container Engine, its service for running and managing Docker containers on its cloud platform using its open source Kubernetes system, is now out of beta and generally available. This means Google now considers it ready for production use and backs it with a 99.5 percent uptime SLA."

Docker 1.8 Release with Multiple New Tools
InfoQ · "Docker inc. have announced the release of Docker 1.8, which brings with it some new and updated tools in addition to new engine features. Docker Toolbox provides a packaged system aiming to be, ‘the fastest way to get up and running with a Docker development environment’, and replaces Boot2Docker."

What it’s like to Intern with CoreOS
CoreOS Blog · "Interns with CoreOS have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment that is shaping the future of infrastructure based on containers and distributed systems."

Fenzo: OSS Scheduler for Apache Mesos Frameworks
Netflix · "Bringing Netflix to our millions of subscribers is no easy task. The product comprises dozens of services in our distributed environment, each of which is operating a critical component to the experience while constantly evolving with new functionality."

Verizon puts 50,000 Docker containers to work on a massive IoT cluster
TechRepublic · "IoT is becoming real, but it demands serious infrastructure, as a peek inside Verizon's newest cloud shows"

5 Things Every CIO Should Know About Containers
IBM · "Scott Johnston, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Docker takes us through some of the top things every CIO should know about containers."

ClusterHQ and Weaveworks: Two Startups Making Docker Production-Ready
TechRepublic · "Two companies that are augmenting Docker by adding storage and networking capabilities are ClusterHQ and Weaveworks. San Francisco-based startup ClusterHQ created Flocker, an open source data volume manager for Docker that makes data-driven containers portable."

A Look at Startup Opportunities in the Container Era
Techcrunch · "All these developments make it a very exciting phase for bold entrepreneurs who want to build giants of the containerized era, and fruitful times for investors looking to partner with them."

Docker containers and the next generation of virtualization
Open Source · "In this interview, he provides insight into Docker and explains how one can manage storage for Docker containers and how to make data move with Docker containers"

Ignore the Hype: 5 Docker Misconceptions Java Developers Should Consider
Takipi Blog · "In this post, we’re writing about five Docker misconceptions and the Java angle for Docker."

5 Use Cases Enabled by Docker 1.8’s Fluentd Logging Driver
TreasureData · "In this blog post, we want to take a step back and summarize what use cases this new Fluentd + Docker integration enables. After all, Fluentd has 300+ plugins in its ecosystem"

Learn about Capital One’s Analytics Garage, built on Docker and Red Hat
RedHat · "Containers, Big Data, and Software Defined Storage are three of the hottest trends in the IT landscape today, and a new project at Capital One combines all three"

Containers and the Chasm: The State of Container Adoption
Lenny Pruss · "Moore and his work have been top of mind the last couple years now as we’ve observed the rise of and hype around Linux containers. Containers are the next evolutionary leap forward from hypervisor-based hardware virtualization, offering a way to…"


Partnerships / Integrations

Portable and Secure Containerized Applications with CliQr and Weave
CliQr · "CliQr has included Weave Net into its CloudCenter product to ensure that complex applications with multiple services in different containers, as well as containers deployed across multiple machines, can still communicate seamlessly and securely."

Hedvig joins ClusterHQ storage partner network: Modern Storage for Docker & Microservices
ClusterHQ · "Today, we are very excited to announce that Hedvig has joined the ClusterHQ storage partner network, enabling their innovative software-defined storage system to work as the storage backend for Flocker"

Coho Integrates Docker into Storage Systems
StorageReview · "Today Coho Data announced that it is integrating with Docker containers and microservice orchestration support. This integration will allow third-party applications to run within Coho’s customers’ storage systems"

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