Startup Cultures - An Inside Look at Honey


We're excited to launch our Work-Bench "Inside Look" series, to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of our top enterprise startups here at Work-Bench. See what gets our startups out of bed in the morning, the technologies they are transforming, and what keeps their teams laughing.

What problem is your company solving?
Honey makes internal company communication simple, engaging, and fun!

Tell us about your technology.
At Honey, we are obsessed with beautiful design, application performance, and customer data security. We champion the use of proven and cutting­ edge technologies alike to help us accomplish our goals. Our API­ first approach to our product has made development of our core Python application sane and has paved the way for integrations for many of our customers. Plus, our new developer­ initiated Labs project empowers our team to not just build out product roadmap, but create new tools and experiment with their own product ideas. Most importantly, our tech team is made up of people who are passionate, curious, and excited to build something awesome.

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Who are your top customers?
• Sesame Workshop (yup ­ Big Bird is a client, how cool is that?)
• Huge (one of the top digital & design agencies in the world)
• Capital One
• Coca Cola

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Why enterprise tech (over other industries)?
We spend so much time at work using outdated, frustrating technology. It’s time to change that. We believe in loving your job. And loving the tools you use at work too.

You’ll​ love working with us if you…
Love to learn, share your expertise, dream up crazy ideas, sing karaoke, and eat guacamole

What values are important to your team as the company grows?
Grit. Teamwork. Passion. Imagination.

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Describe a typical Thursday morning.

  • 9:00am - Arrive to Bread’s Bakery, order biggest iced coffee available
  • 9:15am - Arrive to Work­-Bench, drink coffee. Feel guilty for spending $3.81 on coffee when there is an awesome coffee machine with free caffeine for all Work­-Bench members in the kitchen.
  • 9:15­-10:15 ­- Talk to our customers! Tell new people about Honey, learn about how different companies communicate, commiserate about how clunky and frustrating outdated enterprise tools are.
  • 10:15­-11:00 ­- Meet with one of the other Honey Bees and get an update about the awesome thing they are building/writing/thinking about.
  • 11:00­-12:00 ­- Talk to our customers some more! Share their feedback with the Honey product team. Think long and hard about all of the features we’d like to build. Feel super happy thinking about how much we have already accomplished.
  • 12:00pm - Head out to one of the delicious restaurants in the Union Square neighborhood with the whole team to grab lunch together!
  • 1:00­-6:00pm - Spend the rest of the day executing on the projects at hand that make a real impact on our product, our business, and our customer. And because it’s Thursday, treat yourself to beer o’clock at 5.

How does your team have fun?
Karaoke! Happy Hour! Cat gifs! Pizza. Lots of pizza!

What do you like best about working for your company?
We’re a family here. We push each other to be our best, support each other through challenges, and make sure to celebrate along the way.

Tagline to inspire potential hires?
Welcome to the Funtranet.

Interested in working at Honey? Check out these open roles:

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