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Reaching over 500 million downloads this month, Docker celebrated mainstream success at its annual 2-day conference, DockerCon2015, with many exciting keynotes, funding announcements and new partnerships. One of the most climatic moments of the event was when Docker founder and CTO Solomon Hykes and CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi met on stage to shake hands, and announced the launch of the Open Container Project, where everyone who has a stake in building a thriving container ecosystem agreed to work together to ensure common, open and platform-portable standards for software containers. For Docker, this means giving up some control, but it benefits the container ecosystem immensely.

In another major announcement, Docker launched the Docker Trusted Registry (DTR), a piece of software that allows enterprises to run containers securely in public clouds or on premise data centers. IBM, Microsoft and AWS have all stated they will resell the software on their platforms, and Docker has stated that DTR beta has attracted 800 organizations, with more than half of the participating companies in the Fortune 500. Make sure to check out videos from both days of conference if you missed it. In other news, Jérôme Petazzoni gave a great talk at HeavyBit on Lean Containers, and Pachyderm, RancherLabs and Portworx all recently raised venture funding. If you're somehow still new to containers, check out serial entrepreneur and Work-Bench Mentor Dimitri Sirota’s article on what container technology means for the delivery of software. We'll see you in August!

Top News This Month

Docker, CoreOS, Google, Microsoft, Amazon And Others Come Together To Develop Common Container Standard
Techcrunch · "The main idea here is that developers should be able to package their applications in a container and be confident that it will run in any runtime, whether that’s Docker, CoreOS’s rkt, or projects like Kurma or Jetpack. That standard should be vendor neutral and development should happen out in the open."

Docker Makes Containers More Portable With New Networking Stack, Adds Plug-In Support
TechCrunch · "The highlight of today’s product releases is a new Docker networking stack that now allows developers to take their networked Docker containers from one platform to another without having to recreate the network."

Docker Announces General Availability of Comprehensive Commercial Solutions and the Docker Trusted Registry for On-Prem installations
Docker · "Provides Assurance for Production Deployments of Distributed Applications with 24/7 Support, Certified Docker Engines and Comprehensive Management Tools."

DockerCon2015 Videos: Day 1 and Day 2 of Keynotes
Docker · Click the link for the morning general sessions from both Monday (Day 1) and Tuesday (Day 2) at DockerCon 2015.

DockerCon 2015: Outside the Echo-chamber
Lenny Pruss · "DockerCon tore through SF last week and the feeling is that we are at the apex of the hype cycle. Fear not, we at Redpoint are here to (attempt to) distill signal from noise. Here’s a recap of the top story-lines as we see them along with some thoughts…”

12 hot application container startups
NetworkWorld · "From management to storage and networking to security – these startups have containers covered."

Engine Yard’s DEIS Launches Commercial Support for its Docker-Based PaaS
TechCrunch · "Engine Yard has long been known for its support service and starting today, the company will also offer businesses the option to buy Deis support."

Open source: Docker’s secret sauce
SIliconAngle · "Golub credits much of this growth to the company’s open-source model, despite the potential drawbacks."

How containers change everything
JavaWorld · "The idea that everything is code isn't new, but devops is making it real."

SaaS 2.0 - What Container Technology Means for the Delivery of Software
Work-Bench · "It appears developers have fallen in love with Docker because it has done for software containers what Tupperware did for food containers: it opened it up to the masses in a simple, easy to consume way.”

Writing good software is hard, selling a way to write better software is harder
Fortune · "Vendors from Red Hat to Pivotal say companies need a feature-rich set of software to deploy better apps faster. But adoption has been a long, slow haul."

Announcing Docker 1.7: Multi-host networking, plugins and orchestration updates
Docker · "We’re pleased to announce huge updates to Engine, Compose, Swarm and Machine, as well as an preview of new networking and plugin systems."

App Container and the Open Container Project
CoreOS · "Today we’re pleased to announce that CoreOS, Docker, and a large group of industry leaders are working together on a standard container format through the formation of the Open Container Project (OCP)."

Docker-ed Vessel Portworx takes three Ocarina folk aboard
The Register · Startup Portworx is providing elastic scale-out block storage natively to Docker containers, so containerised apps can execute directly on the storage infrastructure and containers persisted and scheduled fluidly across machines and clouds.

5 steps to becoming a quality Docker contributor
OpenSource · “Follow these 5 simple steps for diving into a new codebase (with interactive code snippets to guide you along the way). The skills you hone doing so will come in handy on every new project you encounter over the course of your programming life."

Best Practices in Dev to Production Parity for Containers
HeavyBit · "Jérôme Petazzoni dives into functional differences between VMs and containers, and from those differences, extracts those patterns, those best practices that can be used to simplify the dev-to-prod workflow."

Docker Will Change Hadoop, Making it Easier and Faster
TheNewStack · "Hadoop Summit starts this week and with it more discussion about how new platforms such as Docker are changing the scope for how data analytics are perceived in a Hadoop context."



Docker and CoreOS unite to start the Open Container Project and standardize runtime, image format
VentureBeat · "Docker and CoreOS today are jointly announcing that they’re working with several major tech companies on a new Linux Foundation initiative called the Open Container Project."

Docker and Microsoft unite Windows and Linux in the cloud
The Register · "Microsoft has doubled down on its support for Docker, further integrating the software container tech with Azure and Visual Studio Online and demoing the first-ever containerized application spanning both Windows and Linux systems."

IBM Backs Containers As DockerCon Begins
Forbes · “IBM announces Industry Leading Enterprise Class Containers."

EMC eyes containers with Docker storage drivers
TechTarget · "EMC introduces software plug-ins for its XtremIO and ScaleIO storage systems to enable shared storage with portable Docker storage containers."

VMware Doubles Down on Docker Integration with Project Bonneville
ServerWatch · "VMware advanced its Docker efforts in April with Project Lightwave and Photon in April. Now VMware is going a level deeper with Project Bonneville and AppCatalyst in a bid to build cloud-native applications."

Fundings & Acquisitions

Portworx raises $8.5M in funding Mayfield Fund and Michael Dell
VentureBeat · "A startup called Portworx is bringing the concept of software-defined storage to the increasingly popular Linux container technology for packaging up application code."

Rancher Labs raises $10M from Nexus Venture Partners and Mayfield Fund
Forbes · "Rancher Labs, a startup that has built a lightweight Linux operating system and management tool for running applications packaged up in containers — a hip alternative to more traditional virtual machines — announced today a $10 million funding round."

Pachyderm raises $2M from DCVC, Foundation Capital and others
Techcrunch · "Pachyderm, the startup that has built an open source platform for employing containers, such as those made in Docker, for running big data analytics and processing jobs, has raised $2 million in a new round of funding."

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