Introducing the New Home of the New York Enterprise Technology Meetup

Earlier this month we were thrilled to host our first official New York Enterprise Technology Meetup (NYETM) at Work-Bench. Founded, organized, and led by our Venture Director, Jon Lehr, the NYETM fosters innovation in the NY enterprise technology ecosystem by promoting early stage tech companies, supporting entrepreneurs, educating startups on how to work with large organizations, and creating an environment where entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses can all network and learn from one another.

For the past 3.5 years, Cooley LLP has graciously supported the NYETM by hosting the meetups at their office. Given that we’ve built out our event space at Work-Bench and the similar mission we have as the NYETM, we're thrilled to announce that the NYETM has a new home at Work-Bench. On a monthly basis, we'll feature demos from top-tier enterprise tech companies from around the country, and sometimes even the world.

For last week's inaugural meetup at Work-Bench, we had quite the powerhouse lineup: Cockroach Labs, Ravel Law, and Confluent.

Cockroach Labs: Engineer Tobias Schottdorf kicked off the meetup with an intricate explanation and demo of Cockroach Labs, an open source distributed, horizontally scalable database with transactional semantics. Inspired by a frustration with current databases, Cockroach Labs aims to bring the best aspects of Google's next generation database, Spanner, to the rest of the world via open source.

Ravel Law: Spun out of Stanford University's Law School, Computer Science Department, and the Design School, Ravel Law is a data analytics and visualization platform for legal data. Visiting from California, Ravel Law's Co-founders Daniel Lewis and Nik Reed demoed some of Ravel's newest features, including their recently launched Judge Analytics platform.

Confluent: Closing out the night, Co-founder & Head of Engineering at Confluent, Neha Narkhede, finished with a thorough explanation and demonstration of the power of their building, a real-time streaming data platform built around Apache Kafka that helps consolidate the different enterprise applications around a central nervous system.

The next New York Enterprise Technology Meetup will be held on July 15, 2015 at the Work-Bench headquarters, so make sure to sign up here.

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