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It’s an interesting time for container technology. While Docker is currently on a quest to become the de-facto standard for containers, CoreOS is making inroads and battling head to head for marketshare. Last month, CoreOS announced AppC – a community developed spec that aims to be composable, secure, decentralized and open industry standard. AppC has gained support from the likes of Google, Apcera, Red Hat and VMware. These formats give power to the customer and there are more pilots / use cases taking place at enterprises than ever before. Ultimately, it will be up to IT to decide which format works best for them. In other news, Docker recently put its security guidelines in writing, Mesosphere’s DCOS is now available on Azure and AWS, and Twistlock emerged out of stealth with $2.5M in funding to tackle container security. Be sure to check out John Willis’ article on applying DevOps principles, Peter Yared’s post on Containers-as-a-Service and Adrian Cockcroft’s slides on the Challenges of Monitoring Microservices and Containers.

Top News This Month

Docker and the Three Ways of DevOps
Docker Blog · Some of the principles behind the Phoenix Project and an upcoming book I am co-authoring with Gene (The DevOps Cookbook) have been referred to as the “Three Ways of DevOps”. These are particular patterns of applying DevOps principles in a way that yields high performance outcomes.

How containers became a tech darling, and why Docker became their poster child
Medium · Jason Hoffman is currently head of technology for cloud systems at Ericsson. Prior, to that he co-founded an early web-hosting company, TextDrive, that eventually became cloud computing provider Joyent, where he served as CTO.

Look who's helping build Docker – besides Docker itself
Infoworld · "Docker is a hot property. Thousands of people on GitHub are either involved with or following the project, but the lion's share of the contributions can be traced back to a few key entities – and one of them may have more people working on Docker than Docker itself."

Gluecon Monitoring Microservices and Containers: A Challenge
Adrian Cockcroft · Problems with monitoring in general, with microservices and containers, and explanation of spigo and simianviz simulation tools.

Modern Twelve-Factor Apps With Docker
Medium · "This is a brief guide for satisfying key factors of twelve-factor with Docker tools. It explains what techniques you can use to develop a archetypical Rails / Postgres / Redis / web / worker application under Docker."

CA Technologies Integrates CA Release Automation with Docker Container Platform
CA Technologies · Announced integration of its CA Release Automation solution with the Docker platform, which enables companies to achieve continuous delivery using Docker containers and images.

12 Cloud Observations: Microsoft Azure CTO Weighs In On Outages, Docker And More (by Docker)
CRN · "Russinovich sat down with CRN recently for a wide-ranging interview in which he discussed Microsoft's approach to dealing with recent Azure outages, its embrace of Docker containers and open source software, in general, its work with Google on container management, and why he thinks the notion of cross-cloud workload portability is still difficult to achieve."

Goodbye, SaaS — hello, Containers-as-a-Service
VentureBeat · "After 15 years of SaaS, you do have to ask, what’s left to SaaS-ify?"

CoreOS gains on Docker, with support from Google, Red Hat, VMware
Infoworld · "To varying degrees, Google, Red Hat, VMware, and Apcera have joined the list of App Container (AppC) adoptees. But preemptively replacing Docker doesn't seem to be on the agenda; it's more about increasing the list of container options available to customers and letting the market decide."

Understanding Docker Security and Best Practices
Docker Blog · The CIS Security Benchmarks program provides well-defined, unbiased and consensus-based industry best practices to help organizations assess and improve their security.

CoreOS Linux is in the OpenStack App Marketplace
CoreOS · "Today at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, we are pleased to announce that CoreOS Linux – the lightweight operating system that provides stable, reliable updates to all machines connected to the update service – is included in the OpenStack Community App Catalog."

CoreOS Fest: 10 Lessons Learned Using CoreOS
Gabriel Monroy · CTO at OpDemand/Deis, on lessons learned from building platforms on top of CoreOS

Docker vs. CoreOS: A container battle worth waging
Infoworld · “ Real-world deployments will eventually settle who wins IT's heart, giving IT a chance to choose the best technology."

Linux Container Operating Systems: Thin Is In
Information Week · “From CoreOS to Atomic Host to Photon, a new breed of Linux operating system is slimming down in order to run containers. Will all of them survive?"



Vendors like Red Hat, Google, VMware and Apcera are all announcing support for the AppC spec
InfoQ · "Security is one of the greatest worries with container technology. If Microsoft can deliver on this, it will make Hyper-V containers very attractive."

Mesosphere's Data Center OS Comes to Azure and AWS
Data Center Knowledge · "The latest edition of Puppet's commercial product, Puppet Enterprise 3.8, picks up support for other key technologies - containers and cloud environments - that have become enterprise standbys."

Intel Works with CoreOS for Tectonic Container Server
ServerWatch · "AWS' EC2 Container Service tackles some network and security issues for Docker containers, though there's still room for scheduling improvements."

Fundings & Acquisitions

Twistlock raises $2.5M in funding
GeekTime · "Docker containers, a popular way to develop and transfer applications within enterprises, have serious security flaws. Twistlock wants to make sure they don’t fall overboard."

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