Innovation in the Enterprise Summit - Recap

We recently hosted our first annual Innovation in the Enterprise Summit, which is a culmination of the smaller, more targeted Innovation in the Enterprise customer events we regularly hold throughout the year. The intent of these events is to bring together emerging enterprise technology startups with Fortune 1000 companies applying innovative solutions to real business problems.

The focus of the half-day event was “how to effectively innovate within your large corporation utilizing the newest technologies affecting the enterprise.” This theme carried throughout the event with a keynote from Stephen Liguori, 20 presentations from leading enterprise technology startups, and a panel on integrating startups into your corporate environment.

Along with the 20 startups mentioned, attendees included senior leaders and executives from Fortune 1000 companies such as Apple, Bank of America, Condé Nast, Ernst & Young, MasterCard, Merck, MetLife, Morgan Stanley, New York Life, PwC, RR Donnelley, Thomson Reuters, Verizon, and many others. Make sure to check out the highlights below.

[Keynote] Hitchhiker’s Guide to Disruptive Innovation


Stephen Liguori, Founder & CEO, Ligouri Innovation and former Executive Director of Global Innovation at General Electric, kicked off the event with a keynote on the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Disruptive Innovation”. In a conversation ranging from how a company’s culture drives innovation to obtaining sponsorship to enable experimentation with startups, he talked about the importance of always learning about new technologies and exploring startups to propel your business objectives forward.

[Presentations] Work-Bench Member and Portfolio Companies

After Stephen's keynote presentation, 20 of our Work-Bench member and portfolio companies took to the stage for lightning quick 5 minute presentations. See below for a short description of each company in their respective presentation group, and click here for a full data sheet with more information on their customers, value proposition, and contact information. If you are interested in connecting with any of them, please reach out to Cameron Campbell, our Business Development Director, for an introduction.

Software / Applications

  • CLO - CLO Virtual Fashion creates cutting-edge virtual garment technologies that help build more creative, and more sustainable landscapes for the fashion, film, and entertainment industries.

  • Compendia - Compendia provides powerful secure mobile collaboration, with document editing, annotation, electronic signature, and voice recording in one app, with no content left on the device.

  • APX Labs - APX Labs is the company that produces Skylight, a software platform for enterprise smartglasses. Targeting deskless workers of all types, the platform is ideal for industrial manufacturing, supply chain, utility, and energy scenarios.

  • Enhatch - Enhatch conquers complex B2B sales cycles through a mobile sales and marketing productivity platform that lets enterprises create their own apps without programming.

  • Monaeo - Monaeo’s location data analytics platform enables enterprises to better manage multi-location tax exposures created by business travel.

Collaboration / Human Resources

  • Honey - Honey is an enterprise communications platform for coworkers to collaborate, stay up-to-the-second on industry news, and build relationships across departments and organizational hierarchy.

  • Oration - Oration is a Public Benefit Company that is making the world a better place by lowering healthcare costs for people and companies throughout America. We bring the power of competitive markets using predictive analytics and big data to reduce employer spend and to make the employee experience with the healthcare system incredibly simple.

  • Hirepurpose - HirePurpose is the fastest growing destination site for military veterans and service members. Their platform enables America’s leading employers to recruit another greatest generation of top talent.

  • Pymetrics - Pymetrics uses neuroscience-based games that assess cognitive and emotional traits to match candidates with jobs. We build company profiles by benchmarking their successful employee base, and use proprietary algorithms to source candidates for them through our marketplace.

  • True Office - True Office makes impactful, gameified training software applied to compliance and risk management, professional development, and customer proficiency.

Enterprise Infrastructure / Risk & Security

  • Bowery - Bowery is a network of user-contributed software images that eliminates the need for repeated installation and configuration of software locally.

  • Socure - Socure’s online identity verification SaaS solution protects against identity fraud and reduces false negative, specifically amongst millennial and the unbanked / underbanked market.

  • CoreOS - CoreOS is a server OS for companies building their infrastructure to be distributed, containerized, and always secure and up to date.

  • Better - Better is a next generation enterprise mobile security app that protects any app from hackers and insiders against data breach by securing any app and monitoring threats in real-time.

  • vArmour - vArmour is the data center security company designed to protect enterprises most valuable asset – their data – from advanced cyber attacks and data breaches by providing visibility, control and threat defense across physical, virtual, and cloud applications.

Data & Analytics

  • Digital Reasoning - Digital Reasoning delivers trusted cognitive computing for a better world. Their machine learning platform, Synthesys®, understands how humans communicate by analyzing the context, content, and relationships within big data while semantically revealing what’s most critical to their clients.

  • Fusemachines - Fusemachines combines the power of data science, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to build unique software robots that can automate customer interactions and provide deep real time insights into customer behavior

  • Mortar - With Mortar’s open-source frameworks, data scientists can build an initial implementation of a custom recommendation engine in as little as one day.

  • Kasisto - Kasisto enables enterprises around the world to simplify and enhance their customers’ daily lives through customizeable conversational virtual personal specialists that utilize artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

  • Context Relevant - Context Relevant creates predictive analytics software solutions that provide revenue generating insights, automatically, faster and more accurately than anyone ever realized was possible.

[Panel] How the Fortune 1000 Can Collaborate with the Emerging Tech Ecosystem to Harness Innovation


In a panel focused on strategies to embrace the emerging tech ecosystem, Michael Beygelman (CEO, Joberate), Allen Duan (Office of the CTO, Hearst), Jonathan Lehr (Venture Director, Work-Bench), Mark Tognetti (Managing Director, PwC), and moderator Diane Brady (Senior Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek) joined us to share best practices from their experiences integrating startups into innovative corporate environments.

Many thanks to all who attended the summit. We hope you enjoyed connecting with the enterprise tech startups and look forward to seeing you at our next event. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter to stay up to speed on all things enterprise and receive invitations to future events.

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