We're Hiring a Product Developer


Update: This position has been filled.

Work-Bench is searching for a Product Developer to develop technology platforms and shape the future of work. You'll join the team as a full-time craftsperson that makes tools for our team, our members, and the larger technology community.

You're passionate about the tools people use in their day to day work lives, you love to make things, and love to JFDI. As Product Developer, you will focus on technology platforms and develop next generation tools to scale startups—for example platforms for recruitment, sales and distribution, space management, and more. This is a fast-moving, two-year position with the opportunity to shape and lead digital products and identity.

You'll join Work-Bench as a true collaborator and help realize the visions of our creative team. Your priorities will be to thoughtfully consider and collaborate on design, technically execute code, and consistently deliver product iterations to improve on the experience. Work-Bench is a startup, requiring you to wear many hats, have entrepreneurial spirit, and collaborate on projects across areas, such as, Design, Business Development, Venture, and Communications.


  • Deliver best-in-class, polished HTML/CSS/jQuery+ from day one; we're mobile/responsive first
  • Comfortable with modern version control and deployment; we use git => Github => Heroku
  • Experience with Ruby/Rack, CSS preprocessing (SASS), and JS modularization (Sprockets/RequireJS) is a plus
  • Track record of craftsmanship, initiative, and problem solving through making
  • Technically-minded with a modern development workflow
  • Enthusiasm and experience in collaborative, team environments
  • Founder-like ownership, perseverance, resourcefulness, and ambition
  • 1-3 years work experience
  • Legally qualified to work in the US, and able to begin work immediately

What You Get

  • Leading role in the future of enterprise technology building, selling, and funding
  • Exposure to technology, venture capital, and startups
  • Fast paced work environment where ideas are quickly realized
  • Startup camaraderie and spirit
  • Work Hard, Laugh Hard, Play Hard
  • Come to work in our sunny loft in Union Square, New York
  • Comprehensive compensation and benefits package

Hiring Process

Before applying, carefully consider if you're the right fit—read about Work-Bench and our team members, make sure you love what we're doing, and have confidence that we'll love you. Your approach to work, ambition, and a great cultural fit are as important to us as technical skills. Check the diagram below and get a better sense of our process and whether you'll fit right in. Can you demonstrate relevant experience? Will your references attest to your collaboration and technical proficiency? Can you point to products, big or small, you've developed in the past?


If you're certain, take a few minutes to answer these questions:

  1. Why the future of work? Why not consumer technology?
  2. Share your opinion on best practices for a modern development environment.
  3. Share anything on the web you've had a hand on and that would distinguish you.
  4. Summarize this quote with one word, and tell us what the statement means to you. How do you live its value in your day to day life:

A great carpenter isn't going to use lousy wood for the back of a cabinet, even though nobody's going to see it.

Please email your GitHub and LinkedIn profiles, resume (and portfolio), and concise answers to day (at) work-bench (dot) com with the subject: "Product Developer: [first name] [last name]"

About Work-Bench

Work-Bench builds the future of work. We champion enterprise technology through a workspace for members and a bridge program that connects exceptional startups to customers, partners, and investors.

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