SaaS 2.0 - What Container Technology Means for the Delivery of Software

Editor's note: Dimitri is a seasoned product and go-to-market executive, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and Work-Bench mentor. His most recent startup, Layer 7, was acquired by CA Technologies for $155 million.

Every few years the way that software gets delivered undergoes a fundamental change. One of the biggest changes in the past decade was the delivery of software as service (SaaS). SaaS made software consumable through a browser without the need of installing complex software or expensive servers locally. Today, SaaS is just one variant of “cloud,” all of which have upended the economics of how software gets delivered. With cloud there is a separation between the underlying compute infrastructure and the applications that ride atop of it. Compute is now frequently engineered as a shared resource freeing the application builder to focus on functionality and not on commodity services that could best be shared across applications.

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